6 Ways to Educate Mischievous, Deprecated, and Unruly Children

Having a child in a family life is certainly very fun for parents, but not many parents are also feelings of annoyance and annoyance by the behavior of children, especially if the child has a naughty character, stubborn, not obedient, and difficult to regulate. When facing a child with such a character, our duty as a parent is to be able to choose the right and proper way in overcoming child mischief.

It is true that educating naughty, stubborn, and unruly children is not easy, even to restore a child’s obedient attitude requires hard effort and the right way. However, such a difficult business should not make you as a parent looking for shortcuts to overcome child’s obstinacy, such as using violence or anger. It will not make the child deterrent, but instead make their mischief become more arbitrary.
How and Tips to Overcome Child Delinquency

Then how is the right way to overcome child mischief? For the right and proper way of dealing with the delinquency of children it is of course the most important is not using violence, but using a more gentle approach. Consider the explanation below in 6 tips how to educate children who are naughty and stubborn and unruly.

1. Show Gentle Attitude

When children make mistakes and it is done in public places, surely you feel as a very parents and want to immediately scold the child. This way of educating is totally wrong, the right thing to do is to show a gentle and forgiving attitude. Try asking them why he made a mistake, the child’s mistake is not his own, but sometimes it happens by accident.

2. Do not Spoil the Child

Too pamper children early on is not good for the development of children, they will get used to the easy way when want to get something. This will result if one day the desire is not met, they will show a rebellious attitude to their parents. That’s why you as parents should not spoil the child, treat them properly and naturally.

3. Give Good Examples In Children

Children who are still in its infancy will easily absorb what others are doing around them. If you want your child to be nice, do not forget to always give a good example when around the child. Also do not forget to also keep children away from things that have a bad impact on its development, such as violent tv shows, friends are naughty, and others.

4. Do not Give Bad Labels In Children

When children do misbehavior or are stubborn, do not immediately give bad labels to them, for example “you are a bad boy, hard to manage”. The misbehaving labeling of the child will only make them believe that misbehavior is his nature, it will ultimately only make it difficult for us as parents to restore the child for the better.

5. Create a Rule with Clear Sanctions and Rewards

In educating the naughty and unruly child, the effective step you can take is to make a firm rule with sanctions and rewards and clear. Sanctions are useful to keep them away from the action, while rewards (rewards) are enabled to encourage children to behave better.

6. Educate Children Religion-ally

The most important moral foundation in life is religion, which is why the science of religion is very important to be given to children from an early age so that good moral education. With the provision of religious education from an early age, it is expected the child will be able to have good behavior and also good manners.…