6 Eligible Kate Middleton Parenting Style

Kate Middleton grew up outside the royal neighborhood. Her background as an ordinary person makes her apply different ways of caring for her two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Kate Middleton and Prince William many broke the rigid tradition of the palace and protocol.

Prince George, 4 years, and Princess Charlotte, 2 years old, more freedom of expression, unlike Prince William who stifled much emotion as a child, especially after his mother, Princess Diana, died in 1997. Kate Middleton’s foster care is more grounded and realistic for society at generally.

“Nothing can prepare you for a tremendous, extraordinary, experience of how to be a mother. Full of emotions of happiness, fatigue, love, and worry, all mixed together, “Kate Middleton said when visiting Anna Freud’s National Family and Children Center in London. Here’s a parenting style that applied Kate Middleton:

1. Prioritize mother’s mental health

As many as 2 out of 10 mothers experience mental health disorders related to pregnancy and birth, such as postpartum depression. Kate Middleton stressed the importance of maintaining a mother’s mental health.

“If you get a fever during pregnancy, you can seek your doctor’s help to heal. Asking for help for mental health problems was no different. Children want their mothers to take care of themselves and get the help they need, “he said. According to Kate Middleton, a healthy mother is physically and mentally certainly better in taking care of the child.

2. Do not hesitate to ask for help

Because taking care of the baby is also not easy, no need to be embarrassed to ask for help. Kate Middleton chose to live in her parents’ home in Bucklebury, 75 miles from London, after giving birth to George. Kate assisted her mother, Carole, 62 years old, while adapting in the early days of baby care.

Currently Kate is assisted by a nanny named Maria Borrallo to keep Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Kate’s weak pregnancy condition also made her unable to escort Prince George on the first day of school. Even so, Prince William was willing to take his son to school.

3. Discipline is not always violent

Kate Middleton uses a counting method of up to three to warn Prince George when he starts to misbehave. At Kensington Palace there is a punishment bench, where Prince George has to sit and contemplate his mistakes for the appointed time.

But there are times when George’s delinquency is just a laugh by Kate, like when he shot Charlotte with a soap balloon at a party in British Columbia, Canada. “Sometimes laughter and hugs are the most appropriate forms of reprimand,” says Kate Middleton.

4. Do not force the child to do the unwanted

When meeting with the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, Prince George refused to be invited to “high five” done like a tos or clapping hands with others. At that time, Prince George told Kate Middleton that he was tired. Kate listened to her complaint and did not insist. Forcing a child will only make them feel worse, unappreciated, and result in a child not strongly established as an adult.

5. Teach children to thank

When Barack Obama and Michelle Obama visit Kensington Palace in 2016, Kate asks George to face his guest to thank for the piggyock toys they presented when Prince George was born. Prince George, still in his pajamas, even rode the horse to show how much he liked the toy.

6. Dress the child properly

Prince George and Princess Charlotte always look fashionable. They wear clothes that fit the size, not greatness or narrow, as well as shoes that are clean and proper. Kate Middleton believes dressing up her children is a way of keeping the child’s dignity and teaching them self-respect.…