Teenagers often argue with parents?

Facing a growing children as a teenagers is not easy. Teenagers can sometimes be very difficult to deal with and parents feel the action is a form of resistance. One of the causes of the child becomes often against any words and requests of his parents is because of the wrong method of communication.


What are the parents’ mistakes when chatting or communicating with their teenager?

1. Arguing

When communicating with an teenagers, the parent feels always ending in a argue. Why end up argue? There are some things that cause it. For example wrong intonation or tone and wrong word selection.

2. One-way Communication

This type of communication usually contains criticism or order. Suppose you scold a child who wakes up late without asking why he woke up late.

3. Parents who do not understand their teenagers

Parents also often throw words or answers that do not connect with the talk of children. For example when a child intends to talk about someone he likes, you are saying that he should not think about men and focus on learning. According to Monica, this is different context and can make children frustrated.

4. No Communication

This is the most fatal mistake. Although there is no argument, but what happens can make the child so farther from his parents.

After knowing the four mistakes, Monica also explained how parents should do when communicating with their teenagers. Anything?

– Build Effective Communication

Effective here means you and your child need to understand each other. Do not just want to be understood alone by the child’s wishes, parents must know what the baby wants. When communicating avoid using words that can lead to bullying, such as calling ‘stupid’. Remember to say a word like thanks and help, which though simple but meaningful.
In communicating, try to be a good listener. Notice intonation, expression and body language.

– Empathy

When communicating with children, you should also try to empathize. Try to position yourself in the child’s position. Empathy is important so you understand why he often refuses your request. For example when the child is asked to bathe immediately or immediately learn when coming home from school in the afternoon. If you do not understand the child’s position, parents will not know that the child feels that they are tired all day at school and need to ‘rest’ for a while at home before starting any other activity.

– Relate

In order for communication with children running well, parents should understand what is being liked by the child whether it is about movies, music, bands and others. Invest your time to find out what she loves so when chatting with her can be more ‘connect’. By learning to know your child’s favorite, you become younger to get into their world.

– Total

When you’re with your child, try to dedicate all that time to her. Forget for a moment your gadget. Really a good listener for him.

– Apply 5K

Apply the 5K principle: Love, Consistent, Consistent, Compromise and Compact. By applying this 5K parent can accept the child as it is, a commitment to a concerted agreement that is late, consistent to shape the child’s behavior, willing to compromise or flexible and compact with the couple.